Junkyard Dogs, Moral Complicity, and Guns

Due to the recent terrorist attacks and mass shootings in the United States,  the predictable public debate surrounding gun control has emerged once again.  While much of the world is simply baffled by the American reticence to adjust the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, in the United States, average citizens are still undecided about whether […]

Let’s Stop Using the ‘F’ Word.

Nope, not that word.  Shame on you for thinking it.  I’m thinking of another word that can be nearly as effective as that one. Let’s turn our attention to another “F” word, a word that likely halts more meaningful conversations than the four letter one.  I’m very familiar with this word, as I grew up in a […]

The Trouble with Homeschooling

Moral failure confession time: while I was a graduate student working on my doctorate, on a nearly daily basis, I committed an act that most everyone would regard as “bad.”  I worked at an organization which operated a coffee pot in the lounge for its employees.  The idea was that anyone who used the coffee […]