As I’ve indicated elsewhere, I’m an academic, and many of my current projects are in that realm.  That said, I am working to develop myself into a full human being in some of the following ways:

Updated December 2, 2015

Professionally, I’m:

  • shopping my book on the Paradox of Tragedy, tentatively entitled A Paradox of American Tragedy: Long Day’s Journey into Night, Negative Emotion in Theatre, and Amae.
  • working on a research project involving Eugene O’Neill’s final plays and the philosophical concept of forgiveness.
  • compiling an edited volume on tentatively entitled What Solidarity Feels Like: Emotions and Community.
  • Developing a course about issues of Social Justice in Latin America

Personally, I’m:

  • developing my attentiveness to my family.
  • helping my daughters understand and relish the task of learning.
  • working to heal from past hurt and deal with forgiveness in my own life.
  • working on a couple of articles about marriage and divorce as a secular moral problem.
  • recording an album of both instrumental and vocal music.
  • bodybuilding, particularly working to balance weak areas of my physique and generally cultivating better health.